The video interview brings plenty of advantages for candidates: the convenient and comfort of your own home; no travel time or costs; and you can apply for posts overseas. But as with other interview techniques, preparation and practice make perfect, so start planning ahead now.

1. Equipment

It may seem obvious, but if you are likely to be interviewed over Skype, you must make sure you have installed the most up-to-date version that’s right for your device – so test the technology now with family and friends and get comfortable with the format. We recommend a laptop is the best device to use in these situations and you’ll need 1.2mbps of bandwidth and a reliable LAN or WiFi connection. Now is not the time to rely on your mobile phone.

2. Username

Remember you need to emphasise your professionalism and competency – so a jokey Skype handle should be changed to reflect a serious job applicant. Get rid of that teenage nickname and play it straight.

3. Eye contact

Treat the experience just like a face-to-face interview, look into the webcam itself and imagine you are making eye contact, rather than looking at the screen. Again practice with family and friends until you are comfortable running through your prepared answers and feeling confident.

4. Environment

Think about the ideal place for your interview, away from distractions and interruptions. If your surroundings are calm, you can keep a cool head too. Also think about what the interviewer might be able to see in the background. While it’s most important to get your presentation perfect – sit up straight, be attentive, speak clearly – a pile of dirty laundry behind you will spoil the effect.