First impression:

Smile and offer a firm handshake, then make sure you speak clearly and confidently as you introduce yourself and thank the interviewer for giving you this opportunity. Remember their name – you will need it later!


Get comfortable – take off your coat, put your bag or briefcase down and if you need notes or pen and paper to write down details, get them ready.

Keep calm and communicate:

Listen carefully to the question and make sure you answer it. If you’re confused or uncertain about exactly what you’ve been asked, say so and repeat it back if necessary, rather than talking at a tangent and completely missing the point. Stay on topic and once you’ve stated your case – stop! Don’t be tempted to keep talking to fill any awkward silences. Be clear, confident and concise.

Ask questions:

If you’ve practiced, planned and prepared, you already have half a dozen questions ready to impress the interviewer with your insight.

Last impression:

Smile once more, shake their hand and remember to make eye contact and thank the interviewer by name for their time.