It’s crucial to get the balance right between looking professional and blending in at an organisation –a sharp suit may not be the best choice where art and design are keys parts of the creative business and something with more self-expression would perhaps work better.

A charity is likely to be more casual than a City institution. However, until you are sure, it’s better to be safe and pick an outfit slightly more formal than anything which could be described as “business casual”. Trainers, jeans and T-shirts should be avoided, along with anything more appropriate for a beach or a nightclub than an office.

If necessary, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance once you receive your interview offer and it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research if you can – just beware of a recce on dress-down Friday!

Test your outfit before the big day and make sure you are comfortable and that everything is clean and well-pressed. You won’t make a good impression if you are fidgeting with an awkward collar or struggling with an unforgiving waistband. You should wear your clothes, rather than your clothes wearing you – let them support, not overwhelm you.