End the interview on a high note with questions worth asking. The aim is to show how well-suited you are to the role and how much you can add to the organisation.

As ever, the key is homework and planning and you should take your cues from the main body of the interview – some employers give a full explanation of the business and the part they expect you to play in it, while others are just waiting to be asked.
As a result you need to be adaptable – by all means prepare a list of at least half a dozen questions, but make a mental note about which of them have already been answered during the course of the conversation and try not to duplicate, or it may look like you haven’t been paying attention. Just make sure you have something to say.
Show you have done your research:

Based on the information you have already squirreled away as part of your preparation, ask some informed questions, such as: how your role fits into the overall hierarchy and how the job might grow or develop? This will help you understand how your career might progress and what the expectations are on both sides. When it comes to the nitty gritty of day-to-day employment, don’t be scared to ask about how you will be evaluated and any probation period. It’s useful to ask what a typical day looks like and what is regarded as part of staff routine to show you are really thinking about how you would fit in and work successfully.

Turning the tables:

It’s more than likely your interviewer was once in the same position as you, so there’s no harm in picking their brains to learn a little more about the journey from new recruit to senior management helping to select staff. How did they start out and why? Do they have a top tip for someone sitting at the other side of the desk with lots of ambition?

Is there a killer final question?

Take the chance to turn the tables once more and get the interviewer to give you one last chance to sell yourself. The secret is to ask if there is anything they would like you to explain further or if there is anything you might have missed? Their final impression will be of a candidate eager to impress and do a good job.