This is the opportunity to drill down into the detail and really get to know the applicants in more depth – so you make the right decision.

But first you need to ask the correct questions to make that final analysis.

Start off with a catch-up.

What has the candidate been wondering about since the last time you met? Have any questions occurred to them since that first interview?

Find out if they are really ready to do the job.

Now is the time to ask why they are right for the role and more tellingly, what they need to do to be the perfect fit. This kind of reflection will tell you how seriously the candidate is taking the process and about their ability for critical analysis.

When can the candidate join the team?

There may be good reasons why the applicant is ready to drop everything and climb aboard at once, but generally professionalism and loyalty are non-negotiable. This may be irksome, but ask yourself – if they were quitting your company, would you be happy if they dropped everything and left you in the lurch for a better offer?

Look to the future.

What does the candidate want long-term from their career and how can your company contribute to that? Ask what changes they would make to the organisation to help to achieve their goals, whether that be training or promotion and you may learn something new too.