Work history:

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming the worker with the most experience is the obvious choice. First ask yourself what is most important to the company? If a safe pair of hands is what’s required, then the most experienced applicant could be the best answer, but only if the role will still stretch and satisfy their ambition. Otherwise someone looking to make the next step in their career could be a more successful option. Likewise if you’re looking to expand or diversify, then look at what each candidate can bring to the role to help you achieve those goals. Someone with less directly relevant experience, but a wider breadth of work could be the best fit?

Drive and determination:

Sometimes the best qualified applicant seems to be lacking a little fire in their belly and the better option is to pick the candidate who is hungry to prove themselves. Ask yourself – who wants it more?


Don’t be afraid to look beyond the CV and interview performance of each candidate and look at the other benefits they could bring your business. There is much to be said for a new recruit with a proven track record who can bring new contacts and help secure extra contracts is a valuable asset.

Gut reaction:

Don’t be afraid to trust your instinct and look beyond experience and qualification at interpersonal skills. Sometimes the candidate who looks perfect on paper lacks a certain something in person. Ask yourself how the candidates will fit in with your existing team and who can bring the best chemistry to the mix. Can you see yourself sitting in the same office as the interviewee in five years? Do you like them?